Injustice is thriving and being exploited.

You can easily find research papers investigating various forms of inequality, injustice, unfair treatment. They have documented some important evidence, crafted brilliant arguments about how the world works; how capitalism reproduces societal challenges. But here is the catch: very few of these studies were conducted with the intention to remediate what has happened. Putting a fence between research and impact is a recipe for perpetuating injustice. 
Established in 2021, The Justice Institute (JUSTIN) is a platform that seeks to produce and disseminate writings and thoughts on global social justice affairs as forms of advocacy against all forms of injustice. JUSTIN also regularly holds writing classes as well as virtual events and activities to raise awareness about the importance of change at the grassroots level for the marginalised individuals. 

Justice has to be present in all aspects of life. Similarly, it should be the core aspect of development policy. JUSTIN aims not only to produce and disseminate writings and thoughts about justice, but also make it a reality for humans on earth.

towards a better humanity