We will not ask you to ‘write for us’ because we feel that it is not us who will directly benefit from what you said, but rather other people whose minds are going to be exposed to the truth and whose hearts are going to be touched by the reality that you attempt to capture through your writing. So instead, we will ask you to write for a better world.

JUSTIN publishes articles in two mediums: commentary and insight. To keep you out of confusion, here are some critical differences between them:

1. Commentaries should range between 800-1000 words and they will be published in JUSTIN's Commentary Section on our Website. This medium will be fitting for you who are writing something topical and would like to get your opinion out there as soon as possible. Once we approve of your commentary, we will publish it on our Website and circulate it on our socials as soon as possible

2. Insights should range between 1000-1500 words and they will be published in JUSTIN Development Review — a quarterly e-magazine of The Justice Institute (JUSTIN). Publication times are March, June, September, and December. This medium is appropriate to those who are writing something that is on the balance between popular and academic writing. For Insights, in-text citations are encouraged but not required.

A piece that is outside the word count range is less likely to be considered for publication.

Some of our commentaries and insights are solicited — meaning we ask directly writers and researchers to write about issues in their respective fields. But we believe that everybody’s voice matters. We therefore strongly welcome unsolicited submissions by anyone on the following topics:


  1. Poverty and Inequality

  2. Gender

  3. Political Economy of Development

  4. Informal Economy

  5. Moral and Development

  6. Education

  7. Alternative Finance and Development

  8. Environmental Justice and Development

  9. Health and Development

  10. Innovation and Development

  11. Other topics related to justice and development


What happens if we accept your piece?

If your piece is accepted for publication, we might edit it prior to publication. However, rest assured that you will always be informed about the revision. If you disagree with the changes, you may withdraw your submission and publish your commentary elsewhere.

What we’re looking for in a piece of writing:

  1. A sharp argument: A commentary is not a  descriptive summary of events; it is also not a merely descriptive and evaluative paragraph. It has to convey the writer’s standpoint. Avoid the overuse of data or statistics. It’s a commentary, not a report.

  2. Clear and accessible writing: Write with clarity. Do not overuse jargon or big words just so that you can impress people. Here is something you should know: they might be impressed with your vocabulary, but they won’t be able to understand what you said. Isn’t the purpose of writing to build a conversation?

  3. The truth: If you think your Government fails in certain aspects and you want to express your disappointment through writing, then do it. We want to read that and if the argument is well-crafted, we might publish it. We believe in freedom of speech.

If you're ready, submit your writing via info.thejustin@gmail.com

1. Email subject: Commentary/Insight_Full Name_Title

2. What to include on your submission: If you have never published a commentary or insight at The Justice Institute, kindly include a short bio of yourself and a statement that the article has not been published elsewhere. And please attach your photograph and commentary/insight in word format.